From Learners

"Lacey is incredibly knowledgeable yet delivered the material in a way that engaged the whole group in open dialogue. Her passion not only for birth work but also for education and people, in general, was more than apparent. She did a phenomenal job of keeping everyone engaged."

"A lot of the information was new to me from a professional/academic standpoint. While I have a vast amount of personal experience in feeding my own child by many different means, I lacked the professional insight and formal education needed to adequately and effectively teach and assist clients with infant feeding. Lacey and this training undoubtedly provided both."

"She was warm, compassionate, and enthusiastic about the training and my participation. She created organic dialogue about my passion for birth work and provided me feedback on areas I would be able to provide insight in the training. She gave me a realistic expectation for the course and made me feel warm and welcome."

"Lacey encouraged, engaged in, and directed in-depth discussion related to both personal and professional experience with all members of the group. She maintained control of the direction of all conversations will still allowing every participant ample time to speak and contribute. Toward the end of many topics she would finish her lecture and guidance from the manual and then say, "does anyone have anything to add? Have you ever had a client that could have benefited from this? Have you ever experienced this?" I learned so much from her as well as my classmates through this format."

From Colleagues & Clients

"I am continuously impressed by Lacey's commitment to continuing education and her leadership and strategic skills that drive her team to succeed and grow in the short and long term. Her radiant personality, Doula work, and real life experiences all come together to make her a brilliant leader with limitless potential. 

She has the experience, strength, bold business, insight, and management authority to thrive in all her endeavors."

Stephanie Huston

NYC President

United Women In Business

"Lacey Bauer epitomizes the term “role model” by modeling the roles of woman, wife, doula, friend and entrepreneur with grace and tenacity. She is a leader and a supporter; a visionary and an expert.


As the CEO of ProDoula, my primary role is to scout leaders. What I have learned is that they live among us and the greatest ones do their best to blend in and not be noticed. Lacey Bauer is to be noticed! Her fresh and pure desire to bring happiness to others is rewarding to both her and the recipient of it.


Allow yourself the privilege of being in the presence of Lacey for just a moment and you will understand my comments. Her ability to challenge, uplift and encourage others will leave you feeling empowered and confident and these are the signs of a true leader." 


Randy Patterson

CEO & Co-Founder


"We are over the moon about Lacey Bauer! She was available whenever we needed her. She put both of us at ease throughout the entire labor process. She knew what I was going through before I did! She used her expertise, knowledge, & experience to guide us through the labor process. She worked well with the medical staff which made everything go smoothly and gave us peace of mind. She helped me focus when I had to 'labor-down.' She made my husband feel empowered to help me.


I can't say enough good things about Lacey and I will be sure to sing her praises to all my friends who are looking for a doula!"

Christina V.

Labor Doula Client

Hampton Roads Doulas

"Lacey was a wealth of knowledge on all things baby- and kid-related. Even though I had had an infant before, I had so many questions. From pumping, nursing, and bottle-feeding, to sleep training, and how to use my Moby wrap baby carrier – she had all the answers. In addition, she was always open-minded and non-judgmental.

As great as Lacey was with my newborn, she was also amazing with my toddler. He loved her almost immediately and looked forward to seeing her every morning. She was a great help getting him to adjust to being a big brother. Having been an only child for so long, it was quite a transition for him - and for myself as well.

Lacey came into our hectic and stressful lives, as we were struggling to adjust to life as a family of four, with a newborn and all the changes that brings, a toddler who was testing all sorts of boundaries, and two very sleep deprived parents...I will forever after encourage any and all of my friends to get a postpartum doula. It was the best thing we could have done for our family."

Jasmine M.

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Client

Hampton Roads Doulas