a guided resource for processing your birth experience.

The speedy shift from pregnancy, birth, to newly postpartum often leaves little room or time for a postpartum parent to process what occurred over the hours or days of their labor/birth experience, ultimately leaving emotional loose ends and disjointed memories of that momentous occasion.

This resource serves as a guided workbook to help anyone with a desire to reflect on and review their birth experience. Whether you have positive feelings about how that journey unfolded or are starting to explore your emotions around a challenging birth, this resource asks simple yet thought-provoking questions to get you started on the path to emotional awareness & mental exploration.

Whether it's healing you need or simply to dust off the postpartum mental cobwebs after time has passed, you'll find these pages filled with your voice and the story only you can tell.

14 pages of guided prompts & questions and 18 pages of lined journal paper for writing.

birth processing
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