A passionate and driven member in the doula industry, Lacey's natural affinity for guiding and comforting families flourishes in her career as a professional certified doula. Her previous career as a high school educator in Philadelphia afforded her an opportunity to work closely with young women as they navigated the path of unexpected pregnancy and parenthood. Working with these students built Lacey's understanding of the value of nonjudgmental support as she saw firsthand just how meaningful that space of comfort and connection was for those soon-to-be parents.

She completed her first doula training in 2011 and has since served hundreds of families both as a Certified Labor Doula, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, Infant Feeding Specialist, and Childbirth Educator. From a foundation of service, she built. Motivated to make bigger changes in her community, she founded Hampton Roads Doulas, where her personal business philosophies on sustainability and compassionate care in the profession are at the forefront of each decision she makes. Each member of her team shares the same goals and approach to family-first care throughout the entire childbirth process. ​

A lauded advisor, teacher, and public speaker, Lacey has taught a myriad of classes for nurses, doctors, and other members of medical teams from Langley Air Force Base to Riverside Regional Medical Center. Public speaking helps her forge positive relationships between her role as a doula and the local medical system’s providers, enabling better understanding between families and the clinical team that serves them. This proactive approach to childbirth and the postpartum experience continues as she builds and nurtures these cohesive relationships.

In March of 2018, Lacey took her career one step further by joining the Training and Development team of ProDoula, a doula training and certification organization. She earned a position as a trainer teaching Labor Doula, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, and Infant Feeding Educator trainings, bringing imperative expertise to learners around the world. While some doulas either practice or preach, Lacey believes that doing both continues her mission of supporting families by sending out qualified, passionate, and trained professionals into the birth field. She has now taught over 60 trainings around the world, welcoming hundreds into the industry under her mentorship and support.

Lacey brings an empathetic spirit and deep knowledge that helps new parents, as well as birth and postpartum professionals, thrive

through challenging experiences. As a previous client has said, "She has clearly been doing this long enough that she can get a feel for what someone needs, even if they are not sure themselves what that may be." Many of Lacey's skills and insights as a seasoned doula has made her a valuable resource for those becoming doulas and looking for their own support systems through the endevour.


She lives in the quiet town of Rescue, Virginia, on her homestead with her husband and a collection of furry and feathery friends.