Do you dream about becoming a doula?


Do you dream about becoming a doula?

About the trainer

About the trainer

Julie Six

In 2004 Julie became a mother for the first time. Support from friends and family was in abundance and she began to sense in her heart that her original career path of Public Relations was about to take a back seat to her new found purpose, doula work.

Over the last 11 years, Julie has attended a multitude of births and built long standing relationships with clients,midwives, doctors, nurses, and hospitals. She has dedicated herself to building sustainable business practices and mentors doulas to do the same. 

Julie certified through CBI and DONA in her early years as a doula. Although their philosophies never fully aligned with hers, there was nothing else available at that time that focused on sustainability, building bridges, and truly leaving birth better through compassionate care and communication. As years passed, she sought a position on the DONA board of directors and obtained it. After learning that organizational change was nearly impossible, she opted to remove herself from the board and not long after, left the organization as a whole.

After Randy Patterson of ProDoula reached out to Julie during a difficult time in her life, Julie determined that it was time to shift gears and align with ProDoula and their vision to elevate the role of doulas. It was a vision Julie had shared years earlier, but nothing had been available at that time.  Julie became a ProDoula certified labor and postpartum doula and later joined the ProDoula Training and Development team. 

Julie resides in Kentucky with her husband, three children, dog, and one farm cat. She owns The Birth Haven, Kentucky's first doula agency and Baby Moon, a gathering place for yoga, birth prep, baby prep, massage, lactation consults, and more. In her spare time she enjoys weekends at the lake, reading a good book, chatting with friends, and watching her kids grow. She loves travel, high heels, makeup, and of course, training doulas for ProDoula!

becoming a doula

becoming a doula


do You want to be a doula?

If you feel that becoming a doula is the right profession for you and you're ready to jump in, be sure to check out my list of upcoming trainings below. If you would like to bring a training to your city, please contact me to talk about availability and how to get on my schedule for a ProDoula training. All information regarding the certification process can be found HERE. I am excited to welcome you to the most innovative and modern training for doulas available. ProDoulas are taking the doula world by storm and making a living doing the work they love. What are you waiting for? 

Upcoming Trainings



jacksonville, fl 9/15-9/16 2017 labor doula workshop

jacksonville, fl 9/17-9/18 2017 postpartum & infant care doula workshop

mississauga, ONtario 11/17-11/18 2017 labor doula workshop

mississauga,ontario 11/19-11/20 2017 postpartum & infant care doula workshop

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